A downloadable game for Windows

A gesture based version of MMM Fingers.

  • Collect coins to increase your score.
  • Has a slow motion bar which refills with time and drains in slow motion mode.
  • Player has 5 lives to begin with. The number of lives increases by 1 with every 350 points.
  • Control with mouse or Leap Motion Controller.
    • With mouse, move the player with the mouse and use Left Mouse button to toggle Slow Motion.
    • With the Leap Motion Controller, move the player around by moving your palm. Move with your fist clenched to enter slow motion mode.
  • There's three enemy types:
    • Box Enemy Types that move around randomly inside of virtual box
    • Spiral Enemy Types that move in spirals.
    • Ordinary types that just kinda stay there.
  • Game's over if the player hits enemies more than 5 times or leaves the play area.
  • NOTE: There's two versions of the game. One each for the mouse and the Leap Motion Controller. Clone the repo and build with either LeapController.cs or MouseController.cs enabled to modify the default controller.

Github repo: https://github.com/sathiyavrs/MMM-Fingers-Xtreme

Install instructions

Run the .exe file or use the WebGL build version.

Note that the WebGL version is built with Unity's preview build. Lots of errors possible.

Look at Development Notes for more.

Github repo: https://github.com/sathiyavrs/MMM-Fingers-Xtreme


MMM-Fingers-Xtreme-Mouse.zip 42 MB
MMM-Fingers-Xtreme-LeapMotion.zip 42 MB

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